About Our Candles

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Our clean burning, all natural soy candles handcrafted

in Kalamazoo Michigan...are brimming with fragrance and style!

At Nichols & Scents, we are ALL about the details.

We wanted to make a candle YOU wanted to own….so we did.

We apply form and function to deliver you the best performing, most fragrant, all-natural soy candle on the market.  Our timeless design will fit any décor from Farmhouse Chic to City Slick.  

From the containers and lids, to the wax and wicks that go in them, our candles and melts are handcrafted in small batches using US manufactured goods and materials and soy grown by farmers in the US.



What Our Customers have to say...

These candles are great! They actually fill the area instead of having to stand right next to it to smell it. They are also beautiful with their simple design and look good in any room. The owners are so amazing and make sure you are happy with the product. I definitely recommend Nichols and Scents!

- Ally J

Highly recommend using Nichols and Scents. The aroma fills your home or office with many favorable scents. Excellent customer service too! Order yours in time for the holidays!!!

- Christy R

I love these candles! I have a few wax melts and the scent is strong enough to fill the whole house without being overbearing. The scent combination are very unique and fun. These candles are actually worth the price and are great as a gift, even as a gift to yourself.

- Michelle R

What Sets Us Apart...


Premium all-natural soy wax


Buttery soft, our extra refined clean burning, all-natural soy wax is made from soybeans grown in the US.

Why Soy?  Soy is sustainable, non-toxic and biodegradable.  It burns cleaner, lasts longer and can hold a higher fragrance load than other traditional waxes.

Why extra refined?  Our soy wax is extra refined to remove impurities.  Like olive oil, the more refined, the less impurities.  Why are less impurities important?  Impurities can cause a wick to “clog”.  By eliminating as many impurities as possible, we provide a clear path for the wick to perform at its best.

We use no Dyes!  Dyes add impurities and take up valuable molecular space needed for fragrance molecules!


Handcrafted in small batches at just the right temperature


One of the most important aspects of our process is how and when we mix the fragrance with the wax and at what temperature.   When the wax is at the correct temperature, the molecules will expand to allow the fragrance to bind with the wax molecules, creating a perfect marriage.

Pouring at the correct temperature allows us to control the consistency of the wax and how it adheres to the container so you not only have the most fragrant candle, but the best looking one as well.


Our Wick


The wick is the "heart" of the candle.  When optimized, it allows the candle to burn properly and the majority of the fragrance to come through the wick, in addition to the melted wax.  When the wick is lit, the fragrance is drawn up and released through the flame, giving you immediate scent throw.

Our unique custom wick system was specifically designed to handle a higher fragrance load in our premium soy wax.  With the ability to perform beautifully with a triple fragrance load,  our 100% all-natural custom wick system contains NO ZINC, is made in the US and is constructed of two helix wicks braided around a paper core, designed to bloom and open to release a triple fragrance throw.  This high performing wick is designed to burn at a rate that will clean the glass at a 4 hour initial burn and clear the sides with minimal residual wax.


Fragrance and Throw


We use only the finest of fragrances and essential oils to deliver true and pure, top, middle and bottom fragrance notes.  Because of the high-quality fragrance, wax and wicks we use, we are able to put in a triple fragrance load.

Fragrance loads are the percentage of fragrance to the percentage of wax.  With all the right circumstance, meaning the right wick, wax and fragrance, the higher the fragrance load, the higher the fragrance throw.

A “typical” candle has a single fragrance load which has 4-6% fragrance to wax.

7-9% fragrance to wax is considered a double fragrance load or percentage of fragrance to wax.  A limited number of candle makers can do a double fragrance load AND get it to perform.

Using a triple fragrance load, which is 10-12% fragrance to wax and get it to perform is hard to achieve, but we did it.  This allows us to give you an incredibly pure and true triple fragrance throw.

At Nichols & Scents, constant research and development is key to building a great candle.  Each and every time we add a new fragrance or product, we go through extensive testing and development to ensure the highest quality and performance.


Sustainable and Recyclable


Not only do we use sustainable and biodegradable wax and wicks, all our glass, tins and lids are reusable, recyclable and 100% made in the US.

Trim your wick to 1_4inch before EACH burn! (1)

Trim Your Wick!


Why you ask? When you trim your wick, it gives your candle a brighter, cleaner burn.


When you should you trim your wick? Trim your wick every time you burn your candle or every 4 hours of burn time.

How much should I trim my wick? Trim your wick to 1/4 of an inch for optimal performance.


Always extinguish your flame before you trim your wick. The best way to trim your wick is with a wick cutter. If you don't have a wick cutter, try using a small pair of scissors such as a pair of manicure scissors or even a nail clipper.