Michigan Macintosh Apple

Apple, Apple and more Apple!  This fragrance is nothing but Apple!  Fresh, green and a bit tart, with its bitter and sweet notes from peel to core, this scent takes you to the orchard as you bite into a fresh picked apple.

Sequoia & English Oak 

Top notes of cypress, fir balsam and mandarin transform you deep into a forest filled with woody scents.  As the candle burns, the middle notes of pine, floral, cedarwood and sandalwood emerge creating a natural warmth.  Finally, Elemi, Ciste and Labdanum finish the cord to provide a richness. 


If sitting by a warm cozy fire on a crisp winter evening is one of your favorite things, you will love how the smoke and wood meld perfectly into a warm union of clove, amber, sandalwood, & patchouli to bring back those fireside memories! 


Strong, sweet, and heady…this deep and rich floral scent, reminiscent of rose with hints of vanilla, embodies the scent of a summer lilac bush in full bloom. 

Dr. Lindsay's Choice-Green Tea

Refreshing and energizing, this captivating aroma of fresh green tea leaves will revitalize your senses.   With a top note of sharp leafy greens, spiked with notes of fresh citrus, oakmoss, herbs and spices, and finished off with fruity and floral notes, this amazing scent will be one of your favorites!

Lavender Chamomile 

Spice notes create warm, nose engaging sensations in this soothing and relaxing scent.   The spice notes accent the bergamot, while eucalyptus & lavender provide a punch to the vanilla & patchouli notes giving you a spicy & floral yet woody fragrance. 


Stimulating and fresh, the mint, pine and sweet honey notes of the eucalyptus leaves are harmonized with hints of lime to bring you a soothing, yet effervescent fragrance that will fill your room and invigorate the senses. 

Olive Leaf & Moringa 

With a bitterest green scent that is viscous and smoky, the olive leaves herbal and citrusy fragrance notes meld beautifully with the fresh, nutty “leafy” notes of the Moringa giving you a fresh “green” and citrusy scent. 

White Tea & Ginger

With a blend of citrus notes, exotic spices, ginger and floral jasmine rounded out with soft white tea notes ,this orient inspired scent will certainly excite your senses!

Salt Cavern 

Relax and rejuvenate with Salt Cavern! Fresh, bright, watery notes of marine combine with eucalyptus and sea salt to refresh your senses. While notes of floral, amber, vetiver and musk warm the fragrance…bringing a soothing finish to this incredible scent. 

Black Water Orchid 

Soft, fresh and soothing…floral notes spring to life with watery notes, a spike of citrus and a hint of soft musk. 

Top notes of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lavender
Middle notes of Water Lilies, Star Jasmine, Night Blooming Orchid
Bottom notes of Dark Purple Hyacinth, Fresh Water, Soft Musk 

Sandalwood Rose

Earthy wood and rose petals are the leading notes in this subtle fragrance.  Finished off with a hint of musk, this fragrance brings a nice floral warmth to your home.

Fruit Slices 

A fruit mélange of grapefruits, oranges, lemons, limes, strawberries, and ripened raspberries…a truly captivating scent! 

Lemongrass & Ginger 

Uplifting and cleansing, the citrus scent of lemongrass is combined with the spicy, woodsy cedar note of ginger creating a bright & crisp, yet warming fragrance that will inspire & restore your senses. 

Cotton Blossom 

Pure & fresh describes delicate scents of cotton, mandarin blossom and freesia blended with a hint of peony. Soft and soothing like a warm summer breeze. 

Mahogany Teakwood 

With compliments of floral notes...fine wood never smelled so good!  Mahogany, cedar and oak are highlighted by delicate lavender and geranium notes in this heartwarming fragrance.  

Nutmeg & Cedar 

The sweet, spicy, aromatic, peppery, woody notes of fresh nutmeg, pare wonderfully with the earthy notes of fresh shaved cedar to bring you this warm and inviting fragrance. 

Spiced Vetiver

Vetiver stars in this sharp but sweet, smoky, earthy, and woody fragrance. With heavier base notes grounding this fragrance, the spicier notes give it a “jazz”.  This sophisticated and seductively smoky scent is perfect for Fall and Winter.

Pomegranate Citrus 

Pomegranate seeds permeate this exotic citrus scent. Crisp and complex this fruit is sure to awaken your senses. 

Zucchini Blossom 

Layers of fragrance notes come alive in this herbal, earthy and floral scent.  The scent's floral and earthy notes resonates as it fills the air.  With the reminder of fresh tomato leaves spiked with a hint of mint to bring a cool and uplifting note,  Zucchini Blossom will be your new favorite everyday scent! 

Sycamore Sage 

Sycamore bark and sage leaves are given a “sparkle” with a top note of marine, in this beautifully clear, earthy and woody fragrance with just a hint of musk and a splash of floral. 

White Grapefruit & Turmeric 

Juicy citrus and exotic turmeric combine to bring you a perfectly blended scent of citrus & earthy notes.

Top: White Grapefruit, Cassis Buds, Mint Leaves
Mid: Turmeric, Apricot
Bottom: Musk, Sandalwood, Lactonic, Amber

Warm Vanilla Sugar

Rich notes of brown sugar and creamy vanilla are highlighted with notes of white orchid, fresh jasmine, and sandalwood.

Tea-Light Sample Pack

Tea lights are the perfect way to experience new scents.  They are also a great way to add a little ambiance to an area that you want a twinkle of light and a soft scent.

Winter Woods...Reminiscent of a walk in the woods after a fresh fallen snow, the crisp winter air with it's subtle notes of orchid and ylang dance on top of sandalwood, pine needles, patchouli & freshly fallen leaves.

Holiday Frost...A cool and crisp outdoor accord with green notes blend beautifully with hints of lemon, bergamot, apple, pear and mandarin orange.  The heart of the fragrance marries jasmine, bois de rose, cedar wood and Siberian fir needles to compliment the base notes of amber, vanilla, patchouli and vetiver.